How We Think

To achieve our purpose, we need to lead and inspire. Based on research we have done, we have developed a philosophy and a way of thinking about fitness, which we put into all aspects of our business.

Cracking the Code of Motivation

Research from Fitness First and fitness psychologist partner Professor Stuart Biddle shows that motivation is underpinned by a range of external factors governed by the fundamental human needs. Scientific studies reveal three needs must be fulfilled before exercise resolutions become habits:

  • Personal Competence - seeing signs of progress
  • Autonomy - having a choice in what we do
  • Social Belonging - feeling comfortable in our surroundings

Fitness First’s products and services help to build this intrinsic motivation, from the choice and engagement seen in our Freestyle Group Training classes to the feedback members get from our expert staff.

Fitness Through the Ages

1970s - Isolated Training
1980s - Aerobics
1990s - Cardio
2000s - Functional Training
2005 - Crossfit™
2010s - DMT

The idea of ‘Fitness’ has evolved over the last 40 years. From the isolated training Body Builders of the 1970s, through the aerobics boom of the 1980s and the concentration on cardio fitness in the ‘90s, it is clear that fitness constantly changes. 2010 saw the rise of Dynamic Movement Training, a more efficient, innovative way of training based on your body’s natural movement patterns. We’ve created our core product - Freestyle™ training - based on the science of DMT.


Freestyle™ training utilises the principles of Dynamic Movement Training. It is all about the way your body is supposed to move, giving traditional machines a more supporting role.

From dedicated Freestyle Areas to trained Fitness Staff, we help members discover new training techniques and exercises that offer a dynamic, full-body workout.

Freestyle Group Training (FGT)

Our research identifies that when exercising in expertly supervised groups, nearly a fifth of our members feel more motivated whilst over a quarter get more out of their workouts and feel they progress more than exercising alone.

These expertly created FGT training sessions ensure that members are getting the most efficient workout possible, meaning time is not a barrier to fitness.

Group Exercise

Our range of classes inspire members to explore new training styles and techniques. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve developed over 220 classes as well our own signature classes. One of these is Pro Cycling - a class developed for Fitness First by Olympic Cyclists.