What We Do

To make sure we achieve our purpose across our 16 markets, we ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of fitness innovation, that we are engaging our staff into an ethos of service and fitness expertise and updating our clubs - rolling out the refurbishments across the globe. We own or lease the majority of our facilities but also have a highly success franchise business in the Middle East with our partner – The Landmark Group.

Our Global Presence

Fitness First currently operates in 16 countries. Go to a region’s website by clicking on the country below.

Expertise and Service

We believe people motivate people, not machines, and in building our new brand from the inside out. That’s why we have introduced the “Raise the Bar" programme to train our staff to become a support team of experts, motivators and coaches.

£20 million is being invested in a specialist training syllabus which deploys elements of behavioural psychology, sports science, neuro- linguistic programming (NLP) and emotional quotient (EQ) training. 5,000 of our staff will have completed the first stage of training by the end of 2014. We are training staff in new techniques to understand member motivation, build rapport and create deeper connections to ensure no gym- goer feels intimidated, out of place or demotivated when they train. To deliver our promise of members always having access to expertise, we have made a commitment that all our 8,000 staff, from CEO to receptionist, will be qualified to our minimum Fitness Certification level by 2015.

We are making Fitness First a great place to workout and a great place to work.
To find out more about career opportunities at Fitness First, please visit our career page.

Inspiring Clubs

Fitness First is transforming member experience using a new set of design signatures in its premium and platinum clubs. Key areas that are being transformed include: reception, changing spaces and the gym floor to become a Freestyle Zone.

We are pushing the boundaries with new space, technology, workouts and services; all the time making the experience easier, enjoyable and more rewarding for members.

By creating open-spaced reception areas and opening up the gym floor for interactive workouts, our new club designs are taking out physical barriers to the gym.

Digital Innovation

People want to track their fitness journey. They want be able to create workouts and then follow their progress.

Fitness First is working on an innovative digital platform that will work to help members go further with a connected fitness experience, allowing them to build confidence wherever they are. The new digital landscape will allow members to integrate their fitness training into their daily lives - both inside and outside the gym.

Our research highlights that gym users want constant access to expertise, feedback and tracking, which we will deliver through a purpose-built digital platform. This new digital product has been designed so members of all fitness levels, abilities and experience can track their progress, follow insightful tips and download customised workout plans.

Digital Innovation